Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wall Decals Handpainted

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The rains have stopped, the days look dull and boring. I want to add some colour to the day. 
Whats better then to paint the walls with acrylics..........sounds crazy :O
Ya...could be but its fun too.

So i set out to paint my study room.
I small corner and doesnt require much work
Lotus my favourite flower, a ethnic look and simple design
So here is my first wall decal

After the study room decal turned out well 
I ventured into the bedroom 
There is a huge empty wall.........I wanted to fill in the emptiness with some colours,
vibrance and brilliant energy

Cherry blossoms would just brighten up the dull space
And yes the expression of freedom
Bird flying out of a cage what could be better then that

So here comes lalala.............the cherry blossom decal
with a open cage and parrot flying out.

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