Friday, May 30, 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Clay girl

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An attempt to create a little girl with clay, cold porcelain clay as been used.

First create a round ball then on top of that ball create a skirt. Now create another ball and let that be upper part of the body

Now on the upper part attach hands 

Then move on to create another ball which will be the face add some hair to this face
paint some eyes and voila the clay girl is ready

Crepe Paper Tulip

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Tulips are quiet easy to create using crepe papers

Just cut a strip of paper of 8 inches length and 2.5 inches width then twist the paper in centre

Join the open ends together and a petal is created

Crepe Paper Water Lily

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I am fascinated by water lilies and lotus so today i attempted to create a blue water lily

Its made from crepe paper each petal as been separately cut and then joined together with a metal wire

Then a floral tape as been twisted around it and finally the flower is ready

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cold porcelain bunny

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I created a miniature garden with fruits, grass, flowers and stones.
On this garden i added a cold porcelain bunny.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Handmade Coaster

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I am fascinated with intricate designs and colours. This is a coaster created combining some intricate designs with bright colours
I will be adding some more coasters soon

Fabric painting

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I always wanted peacock feathered design on my saree.

So i decided to paint my saree with this peacock feather motif. Its my first attempt at fabric art

Best out of waste

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I have used a old ice cream box and done ornamental quilling on it. This box can be utilised to keep any useful object plus the beauty of this box is highly enhanced now

some old unwanted CDs were lying in the corner gathering dust i utilised them to create this wall hanging

Warli Painting

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Warli is a tribal art form of rural maharashtra its a ancient art and people traditional draw this painting outside their houses during special occassion like wedding and funerals.

This is my first attempt at warli

Mixed Media Art

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Mixed Media art is a fun and innovative art. 

It requires mixing several things together whether its lace, buttons, decorative papers, different blend of colours ultimately by adding all of them together we get what we call as mixed media art.

Handmade Flowers

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Flowers are incredible creation of God. I love flowers especially Lotus and Orchids. This is my first flower creation and i hope to create some more.

This is a common indian flower Hibiscus also called Shoeflower. This flower is used to worship Lord Ganesha and also used as a shampoo.

I decided to start my flower creation with this one simply because its easy to make and looks pretty.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

TV Remote Stand made from Mseal and Popsicle sticks

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Often we keep searching for the TV remote all over the house. I wanted to ensure that the remote is kept in one single place and at the sametime i wanted to create something interesting to satisfy my craft urge.

Thus came up the idea of using popsicle sticks to create a stand and adding some lovely flowers, bugs, fruits to this stand.

There are two roses at the side and a lady bug in the centre. To give remote the support i added some upright standing sticks and on the sticks there are some moulded fruits like apple, grapes and yellow flower.

Overall a colourful fun combination my first intricate work with Mseal and Popsicle sticks